In Loving Memory of Rhianna Lynn Schilling -- Sept. 22, 1984 - April 22, 2007

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Rhianna and Chelsea enjoying Christmas cheer
Rhianna and her beloved Hunter dog
Our amazing trip to Greece
Rhianna loved moments of reflection and solitude
Our Chefs!

Not a day goes by that you aren't in our heart and memories. 

We miss your beautiful smile and loving spirit that brought happiness into our hearts.  We continue to have your memory in our daily activities with stories and remembrances that often make us laugh and cry together.  During the holidays it hurts even more to have you away from us, and we cherish the times we had together celebrating Christmas and New Years in only the way we know how. 

We miss our daughter, sister and best friend immensely, and continue to deal with the hole in our hearts.  We continue to garner support from our friends and family and thank each of you for your continued thoughts and love for Rhianna.  
We continue to support the Larimer County Humane Society through donations, and there is a plaque in Rhianna's name located there due to the generous gifts from all of you.  In addition, my cousin has established the Rhianna fund which can be located at which helps families in need to support their family pets.  She would be enormously proud of this contribution and impact that she has made.

Please celebrate our daughter's life and energies by supporting these causes as you see fit.

Best Friends and Sisters

Fun in Telluride

Not even rain could dampen our fun at Telluride

Rhianna and her two "little sisters"

Rhianna and her dad taking a "time out"

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